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Traffic Stops on I-94 in Minnesota

Traffic stops on I-94 in Minnesota are happening more often. Because of the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana by Minnesota’s neighboring states, an unexpectedly high number of out-of-state motorists have actually gone through traffic stops on I-94. Throughout the interstate are drug checkpoints and drug traffic stops. Statistical studies show that cops are now focusing on motorists based on their license plates. The correlation in stops is most obvious in those bearing the Colorado’s “green badge of courage.” Often, the schemes used by authorities in these traffic stops are completely illegal and grounds for dismissal.

Traffic stops on I-94 in Minnesota can be caused by any kind of matters. The police could lawfully stop a vehicle for missing a tail light, speeding, or running a red light, yet not because they only assume a vehicle driver to be bringing illegal drugs. When an officer does a non-drug related traffic stop on I-94, that officer has the right to ask the motorist about suspected drug activity. If the motorist replies “no,” normally the authorities will continue in asking to search the vehicle. He or she needs to have your notified permission, but if you say “no” one more policeman carrying a drug dog might “just happen” to pass by, and also before you realize it they are both exploring your automobile in a full-blown drug bust.

Traffic Stops on I-94 in Minnesota Defense

Traffic stops on I-94 in Minnesota can be tough to fight for. In reality, your legal rights demand that if you are pulled over in a traffic stop on I-94, the authorities must have probable cause or a warrant to search your automobile. If the authorities had no right to make the traffic stop, or to search your vehicle, a lawyer might be able to get the evidence put down or the charges dismissed completely. The circumstances and strategies encompassing the search and seizure could have not even been legal, as well as if they weren’t, any kind of evidence gathered throughout the search is not permissible in court.

Traffic Stops on I-94 in Minnesota Lawyer

If the evidence against you as a result of traffic stops on I-94 in Minnesota is staggering and the period of your jail sentence is exceptionally high, in some scenarios your attorney can take a look at chances to negotiate with the prosecutor for a decrease in the charges. Minnesota attorneys understand that this is absolutely your case and your life. You make the decision on whether to accept a plea deal or proceed to trial. Fighting the case will certainly imply precisely scrutinizing examination on your attorney’s part, however unlike various other attorneys that say they plan for trial, Minnesota drug lawyers in fact do and outstanding because of it.

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