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Prescription Fraud

Prescription fraud is the act of misrepresenting on yourself to a medical professional or pharmacist, doctor shopping, or being dishonest when getting dangerous drugs from a doctor or pharmacologist. If a doctor prescribe these medications willingly and without a legitimate function, these people too, can be charged of prescription fraud.

One of the much more common examples of prescription fraud is doctor shopping. This involves seeing various doctors in hopes of acquiring narcotics. Chronic pain sufferers that are addicted to opiates or pain medication and require significantly larger doses to obtaining the same alleviation commonly utilize this approach. Prescription fraud becomes evident in this instance if the individual fails to alert the doctors of already taking medication  or have various other prescriptions.

Forging prescriptions on a stolen medical professional’s prescription pad, making use of computer systems to make fake prescriptions, or change a doctor’s prescription altogether to increase the range of the medications recommended are other examples of prescription fraud. Drug users have likewise used the strategy of impersonating a medical staff or team member to call in prescriptions, using their own number as call-back information.

Prescription Fraud Penalties

Illegal possession of an illegal prescription, or prescription fraud, or selling prescription drugs is a felony in Minnesota. If you are convicted of any of these offenses you could be facing as much as 30 years in prison and pay a huge fine. A felony conviction will hinder employment opportunities and other strip you of many civil liberties such as the right to vote.

If you have multiple felonies on your record, the fines can become more severe. You may be eligible for a pretrial intervention program or drug court, requiring the accused to enter a guilty plea that allows that very guilty plea to be withdrawn if they successfully finish a rehabilitation program. Either scenario may end in the defendant’s favor, the courts dismissing the prescription fraud charges or your record being cleared upon completion of the program.

Prescription Fraud Defense

Some of the common criminal defense measures for prescription fraud are the following: disputing illegal search and seizure, faulty search warrants, and other constitutional violations. For a doctor or physician, the “good faith” defense can be made use of if a person cannot disclose a material fact that, if the physician knew, would certainly not have created a prescription. Several states utilize alternative sentencing or dispositions including drug courts and a pretrialwsx recreation program in first-offense instances. In such situation, charges may be dismissed once a court-approved program is completed

Prescription Fraud Lawyer in Minnesota

It goes without saying, prescription fraud charges are a very severe concern. With prescription fraud criminal offense rate growing, several states have actually passed rigorous laws concerning their possession and also distribution. Prescription drug charges are very serious charges that require a skilled and experienced prescription drug lawyer. A strong defense can make a big distinction in regardless if you effectively defend yourself from criminal charges.

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