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Interstate Drug Stop

An interstate drug stop, whether lawful or unlawful, will certainly take place to some motorists when traveling throughout state lines. As the quantity of drugs you are accused of possessing increases, so do the penalties for such charges. Greater quantities are typically described as “trafficking.” Removing the supply of the commerce drug trade is one of the much more considerable duties the local state police and the federal government plays in the “War on Drugs.”

Interstate Drug Stop Penalties

An interstate drug stop can have serious ramifications. Also a minor drug sentence can have a serious effect on a suspect’s future, from their source of income and opportunities to work, financings, as well as leases. A significant charge, such as possession with the intent to distribute, could knock down any kind of hopes of maintaining normalcy, as you could waste years behind bars, pay huge fines, and also lose your house due to search and seizure.

Both federal and state laws have extremely specific penalties for the various degrees of drug possession, and it frequently depends on the “schedule” of drugs caught with. Some controlled substances in particular amounts as well as quantities hold their very own mandatory minimum sentencing, indicating you must serve a certain period of time if found guilty.

Possession of 42.5 grams or less is punishable by a maximum fine of $200 and is considered a misdemeanor where a conditional discharge is highly likely for first time offender. Harder drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin carry severe penalties like longer prison sentences and bigger fines, depending on the amount possessed.

Interstate Drug Stop Defense

For people involved in an interstate drug stop, the law can be confusing and you may have inquiries about whether the arresting officer acted within the law or breached your civil liberties. The major evidence for the prosecution is always the seized drug itself. An experienced defense attorney could file motions to subdue the evidence for any sort of mistake that the police made in the process of searching and collecting the evidence. Without the major proof, the prosecution’s case may not have enough evidence and the charges can be reduced or dismissed.

An established attorney will certainly explore every one of the conditions surrounding your case, including things like whether you first gave the law enforcement officer reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. Once it has been established that the law enforcement agent had probable cause, did you, actually, give the consent to be searched or did law enforcement need to get a warrant? These issues need to be taken a look at and also resolved before they have a case against you.

Interstate Drug Stop Attorney

An interstate drug stop could result in an arrest and in some cases a violation of the Constitutional rights of motorists. If you have been pulled over as a drug suspect, you need the effective defensive action that only an excellent Minnesota drug defense attorney could give to protect your rights.

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