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Drug Busts– Narcotics Surveillance

Police will in most cases concentrate on notorious drug areas by establishing surveillance from a covert car or another confidential area. The “eyes” or policeman watching will await a supplier to begin selling, with backup units waiting in vehicles in the surrounding area. Within a few hours, police will verify that a money transaction has occurred between the buyers and the dealer. The dealer may leave to fetch the drugs from another location, such as a drain or home, which will definitely be noted.

When the drugs have actually been traded for money, the buyers will be tracked by the “eyes” till the backup unit stops and also searches them. If the apprehended buyers are recognized to have drugs in their possession, then the officer’s suspicions are validated and backup shifts right into position for the “take down.” If the supplier is caught and also has no drugs on their person, a case could still be made if they are found to have drug money. The site where the dealer got the drugs  can also be tracked and the drugs uncovered. Again, no drugs were actually seen on the dealers yet the prosecution has more than enough evidence to confirm the accused guilty of possession with intent to deliver.

Drug Busts– Conspiring to Sell Drugs

Any business owner can tell you, it requires a great number of workers to manage an organization– drug companies are no different. The supplier could not possibly handle the whole operation, so he needs small time dealers on the streets to move the “item or product.” He employs individuals as “lookouts” to make sure authorities are not aiming to shut down the corner, similar to loss prevention police officers at a retail store. A specific individual needs to provide the dealer with the drugs he is selling and also offer him extra drugs when he is sold out. And also considering that no dealer prefers to have way too much cash on the corner in case of an apprehension, someone should take and keep the cash off the corner. Police note their actions and arrests individuals collaborating with the dealer as accomplices, despite the fact that none of them were in possession of drugs at the time they were apprehended.

Drug Busts– Traffic Stops

Minnesota police create all form of excuses to halt automobiles in heavy drug trafficking locations, like the now infamous Interstate 94. Disregarding to turn on a signal, rolling through a stop sign, as well as a busted tail light are just some of the superfluous reasons cops use to pull a person over if they believe the driver has drugs. If the authorities approach an automobile as well as see furtive movements in towards the car’s floor, or if the driver seems highly uncertain or anxious, then the officer has a right to “worry for their security.” They will then probably ask for the driver’s consent to inspect the automobile.

If the preliminary search of the car does not generate drugs, the motorist can still be collared if he is found to have plastic baggies or heaps of cash on his person. If the police suspect that drugs are in the car, a search warrant will be obtained and will likely call out the K-9 unit. Upon execution of the warrant, cops unavoidably find even more baggies and the drugs concealed in the car. At the time of arrest, the driver did not have any type of illegal drugs on him, but the proof is pretty solid that he constructively possessed the drugs with the intent to sell them.

Drug Busts– Post office Interdiction

Numerous drug pushers have couriers that send drugs via the mail from source states. Many times, the recipient is not even aware that the package contains drugs, as normally they are just instructed to sign for the package and inform the dealer on its time of arrival. The moment police in the source state obtain a warrant to open up the bundle, they can confirm that there are drugs within it. Police after that confiscate the package at the post office, seal it up and send it to its preferred destination; however, instead of a regular mailman delivering the package, it is a law enforcement officer or postal policeman in disguise. At this point, the police have already obtained an anticipatory search warrant, if all goes as planned. Once the receiver is paid as well as the package is taken to the supplier, the automobile is stopped and the package is recovered. Both occupants of the vehicle are apprehended and charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana, conspiracy, and associated offenses.

The package was not on either the motorist or passenger at the time of their apprehension and also the driver was never seen holding the drugs. But again, the proof of their possession and intent to deliver the drugs confiscated is rather strong. They can possibly try to proclaim that they had no knowledge of exactly what was in the package or the driver could dispute its mere presence, but justifying oneself in a situation such as this would be tough.

Drug Busts– Search as well as Seizure

All drug dealers should stock their drugs at some location prior to selling it on the streets. Sometimes, personal tipsters or next-door neighbors provide the police with tips about homes where drugs are being held and also sold. Surveillance is then established and also they keep an eye on buyers as they come close to the house and also exchange money for drugs while buyers are commonly stopped and searched for drugs. Covert police officers, as well as confidential informants, also make use of pre-recorded buy money to make purchases from dealers selling from houses.

When sufficient evidence has been gathered to confirm that drugs are being sold from an apartment, the police seek authorization to carry out a search and also seizure warrant on the house. Once implemented, the drugs, drug paraphernalia, as well as pre-recorded buy cash are taken from the residential property as proof of residence as well as other evidence of drug activity.

Later on, the undercover police officer will identify the individuals who answered the door and made business with the buyers and apprehend him for PWID. He could have no drugs on him, however there will likely be evidence in his home linking him to the drug sale transaction, such as power bills and documents in his name at that address, a gun in his possession, and also pre-recorded buy money that was utilized hours previously when a source bought inside the home– all setting up solid direct as well as circumstantial evidence that he was running a drug operation from that location.


You do not need to be in possession of drugs at the time of your capture or be seen supplying or selling drugs to be accused of possession with intent to deliver. It is  what you mean to do with drugs that you actually or constructively possess that becomes a legal concern. In spite of the above instances which illustrate strong proof of guilt, that does not automatically mean  that there are no defenses to possession with intent to deliver charges in drug arrests.

Intent to deliver drugs is a very serious charge, the category which is usually a felony; although, it is commonly determined by the number of grams of the drug that are in the person’s possession or were supplied. As an example, manufacturing meth, in any amount, with or without the intent to sell is punishable by 30 years imprisonment or a $1,000,000 fine, or both, The penalty can become more severe if the individual convicted has a previous related conviction.

The probability of jail time can be high for these kinds of drug busts. That is why contacting an experienced firm is important. Without strong representation, your civil rights might be neglected and your  trial result miserable.


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