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Drug Distribution

“Distribution” of a hazardous drug is really crystal clear. Generally, to be charged and accused, the authorities needs to have probable reason to believe that you actually were related to a person to person transaction of a controlled substance. The amount of the drug is a lower element of the crime, it could be well as low as a gram.

In the U.S., laws relating to drug distribution concentrate on increasing penalties on those found responsible of distributing, selling, and/or illegally transporting illegal substances. The penalty for common misdemeanor drug charges fades in comparison to these criminal offenses, which associate to both state and federal levels. If you are apprehended for distribution, provided the development in the focus on cracking down on drug-related crimes, the hostility you deal with will be extremely zealous in their pursuit of the most severe sentence they can get for you.

Drug Distribution Penalties

That potential extent of the repercussions with which you are charged might escalate a lot more depending upon the situations surrounding the event; elements like possession or delivery, or regardless if you aided in the drug’s manufacturing. Trouble for your case increases if there is an allegation to have the intent to make or deliver within a school zone, which can raise charges substantially. Not to mention the expected possession of a firearm or weapon.

Evidence that is frequently connected with drug distribution can be used to prove your intent, such as common home items like baggies, scales, and huge quantities of money. If you are apprehended in possession of an illegal drug with the intent to sell, you can be slapped with a fourth-degree controlled substance offense which carries a sentence of 15 years imprisonment and $100,000 in fines.  

Drug Distribution Defense

There is often the possibility for such drug charges to be dismissed. Common defenses to drug distribution/delivery/possession with the intent to deliver/manufacturing charges consist of issues to the legality of the search which led to the discovery of the illegal drugs (including challenges to search warrants); obstacles relating to law enforcement error in following the required methods of drug delivery inspections and of course, proving that the products caught were really yours.

Drug Distribution Lawyer in Minnesota

Whatever location you are in, drug distribution is truly a serious crime. If you or a loved one are presently dealing with penalties tied to a drug distribution charge, it is certainly important that you get the help of a skilled lawyer right away.

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